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      Blog — covid19

      Taking everyday precautions in fighting Corona!

      Taking everyday precautions in fighting Corona!

      Fighting the fear with super hygiene. At times of global scare like coronavirus, TCT is here to guide you with necessary steps and precautions you must take while the outbreak is still lying on our head as a global pandemic. 


      We understand that there are many things that needs to be more thought about while preparing and consuming, but there are also few things that doesnt need to change. 


      We, as one of the leading food brands in the city, never compromise on food regulations, quality of products used, customer service, cleanliness, hygiene and sanitisation. 


      Our tables are thoroughly cleaned & disinfected after regular intervals to avoid contamination and prevent people from catching germs. 


      Our food is freshly prepared, we use organic veggies in all our cuisines and we never touch food with bare hands.



      Moreover, considering the situation to be worse and a pandemic all over the world, we have implemented proper disinfection practices, keeping proper suppliers of sanitisers at the counter. 


      Our staff undergoes a regular temperature check before commencing their shifts to make sure they are healthy while preparing your food and serving you. 


      We wish you to enjoy your clean and hygienic meal everytime and we hope you, as an individual, are also keeping proper precautions and staying safe.