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      Wedding Cake Trends This Season, Brought To You By Cherry Tree

      Wedding Cake Trends This Season, Brought To You By Cherry Tree

      With over a decade of experience in baking spectacular cakes, Cherry Tree Cafe & Bakery in Lucknow has listed the Top 10 Wedding Cake designs trending this season, so that you can choose a style that suits your taste for your special occasion. From lush florals to a minimalist look, take your pick!

      It’s edgy and bold and looks gorgeous with peony bunches.

      Nothing beats the classic Red rose, and we have even tried a twist with the lovely Marigold!

      This hot cake has been topping the charts with its magical upside down style. Customise it in your fave colour and floral combo.

      For the chic, there’s the hand drawn geometric cake. It stands out of the ordinary with its geometric pattern and clean looks.

      Mini flowers, large roses – painting on the cake is a stunning art. Surely takes an artist to do up this gem of a cake.

      6. RUSTIC
      This one’s for the fuss free bride. Clear cut edges, green foliage, a lily or orchid to accentuate the natural beauty – a simple beauty!

      7. DAMASK
      This Mediterranean pattern has been loved by couples in India and abroad. The luxe collection of these patterns goes very well with bright oranges, fuchsia and gold!

      Yes, why not! The traditional Mehendi cake looks gorgeous with its motif detailing. A cute couple on top or colorful gerbera flowers do up this style beautifully.

      9. RUFFLES
      Layers and layers of ruffled fondant and chocolate all over makes a dreamy cake.

      This is an all-time favourite – sugar flower and floral bunches on a cake. Customise them to match the colours of your wedding attire or decor for the truly tailormade look.

      Why gift hampers are the perfect gifting option for your joyous occasions

      Why gift hampers are the perfect gifting option for your joyous occasions

      Your loved ones are those who make festivals worth celebrating. From family gatherings to everyday special moments, they deserve every bit of your love as a token of gratitude and appreciation. Simple gifts, might sound good at first but it won’t be a surprise if you notice that they are a very common pick. A watch? A t-shirt? A phone case? But what if others don’t like their design, build, shapes or if they do not have the utility for it? Well, now think of a pretty little hamper filled with sweet delicacies, doesn’t it sound more contemporary, personalized and tummy pleasing!

      If you also wish to escape the regularities of common presents picked up from some gift shops then we are there for your rescue! The Cherry Tree Bakery  has your back with a huge range of cookies, chocolates, cupcakes, cakes, biscuits and other delights which can be a unique pick and a yummy way of wishing and celebrating.

      Why gift hampers are the perfect gift: 

      Chocolates – Our diverse range of chocolates is as special as your love for the ones who are close to you. Beyond the common cliché of black and white chocolates, you get a variety of especially made delicacies in various flavors, combinations and presentations.


      Cookies – If chocolates are too basic for you and you wish to go for something exotic, we also have freshly baked cookies for you. From making the dough to their final glaze our recipes ensure joy and heartwarming delight. We have a number of options you can explore and select from.

      Beautiful Packing – The best part about gifts are their presentations. And with such beautiful delicacies when an awesome presentation is added, it turns to be just the perfect present from your side. At TCT Bakery, you get intricately designed gift boxes in different styles and shapes.

      paking chocolate

      It is high time we step aside from cliché gift options and think out of box about delicacies filled in a box! Hampers are the best choice to give to your loved ones because of their flexibility in taste, assured utility, the message of heartwarming love and the universal fact that the route to their heart goes through their tummy! Well, now that you know what will please your precious loved ones, all you need to do is drop by or order online, and we will ensure that all your feelings are reflected in the sweetness of our product and their unparalleled quality.

      Taking everyday precautions in fighting Corona!

      Taking everyday precautions in fighting Corona!

      Fighting the fear with super hygiene. At times of global scare like coronavirus, TCT is here to guide you with necessary steps and precautions you must take while the outbreak is still lying on our head as a global pandemic. 


      We understand that there are many things that needs to be more thought about while preparing and consuming, but there are also few things that doesnt need to change. 


      We, as one of the leading food brands in the city, never compromise on food regulations, quality of products used, customer service, cleanliness, hygiene and sanitisation. 


      Our tables are thoroughly cleaned & disinfected after regular intervals to avoid contamination and prevent people from catching germs. 


      Our food is freshly prepared, we use organic veggies in all our cuisines and we never touch food with bare hands.



      Moreover, considering the situation to be worse and a pandemic all over the world, we have implemented proper disinfection practices, keeping proper suppliers of sanitisers at the counter. 


      Our staff undergoes a regular temperature check before commencing their shifts to make sure they are healthy while preparing your food and serving you. 


      We wish you to enjoy your clean and hygienic meal everytime and we hope you, as an individual, are also keeping proper precautions and staying safe.